I have been given the honor and pleasure to interview two sex positive speakers who provide support and resources to LGBTQIA+ individuals by sharing their knowledge and experience with body positivity.

The first speaker is Leigh Montavon, a Sex Coach and Clinical Sexologist who bases her practice in Los Angeles. She believes healthy sexuality is key to a happy life, and deeply values body positivity, sex positivity, comprehensive sex education, intersectional feminism and social justice. To start our conversation I asked what guided Leigh onto the path to becoming a sex coach and clinical sexologist? She expressed she previously had been working with a tech company for nine years. However, had always been open to talking about sex and giving advice. She felt becoming a sex coach was her calling since she was so passionate about wanting to help. Due to the lack of support and resources geared towards the LGBTQIA+ community, access has become a treasure. Leigh wanted to make an impact so she uses her platform as a way to encourage hesitant individuals to explore their sexuality and their bodies without jeopardizing their values. Also, aiding individuals to feel comfortable and let them know what they are feeling is normal. Sex positivity and the queer community together are looking for a broader definition of beauty ideals. In other words, redefining and implementing a more expansive meaning than what is currently portrayed throughout the community. Understanding will foster acceptance that we are all healthy and beautiful beings.

The second speaker is Sam Silverman, a marriage therapist who focuses their work towards individuals who are affected by substance abuse, recovery, and eating disorders. Sam hopes to focus on educating therapists on how to work with the queer and trans population. During our conversation Sam expressed how essential and important their work is. “Often as a member of the queer and trans community our stories are misinterpreted and fetishized.” Having a public platform gives the opportunity to make a difference and empower many. Sex and body positivity are linked together and are essential for an individual of the LGBTQIA community because it is important to feel seen and beautiful during sex. To understand that an individual’s body is acceptable but also that someone appreciates and loves your body.

Leigh and Sam gave me a glimpse of the critical issues they will be discussing  at #SexPosCon in May 18th. Their presentation “Queer & Trans Relationships: Building a Sex-Positive Foundation” is one you don’t want to miss. They will discuss skills to develop a relationship template and how to have a fun and fulfilling sex life. They will also explore being mindful and aware of boundaries. Both will explain these vital issues while using fun and interactive activities like “The Dating Game.”

Written in collaboration with Raquel Barreno, LaTerra McDaniels, & Victoria Reuveni

While this spotlight is focused on one of our LGBTQIA presentations we’re also excited to have these following presentations at #SexPosCon as well:

The Intersections of Sex Positivity & Black Queer Empowerment by Jillian “Jay” Watts

Trans Tales and Queer Witches: Sex-Positive Images and Resources in Folklore by Jeana Jorgensen

Visit our conference website at SexPosCon for more information and to get your tickets!