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Presentation Descriptions

Bianca Laureano PhD

Elisabeth “Eli” Sheff, Keynote Speaker

Cultivating Queer Joy: Relationship Satisfaction Among Sex & Gender Minorities

Contrary to decades old assumptions that cast all sex and gender minorities as miserable people with wretched lives, research shows us that diverse relationships can bring joy and fulfillment. This presentation starts by reviewing the cumulative findings on relationship satisfaction among LGBTQ+, consensually nonmonogamous, and kink-identified populations. Then it highlights the common themes and summarizes the elements that contribute to relationship satisfaction, and closes with a discussion of how queer joy is a necessary part of life and why it is so important to challenge narratives of queer shame and despair.


Bianca Laureano PhD

David Ley, Keynote Speaker

Maintaining a Sex Positive Mentality, as Moral Panics Set the World on Fire

Every day brings another moral panic around sex, gender, pornography, same sex relationships, adolescent sexuality, fears of pedophilic lizard people (yes really). National anxiety around sexuality is higher than we’ve seen in generations, and talking with people about a sex positive philosophy can be challenging and lead to conflict. Amidst these frightening times and hyperbolic controversies, how can sexual health professionals maintain personal equilibrium and keep positive about sexuality? Dr. David Ley draws on his many years of experience dealing with sexual controversies and public panics to guide through professional self care in these challenging times.