Certification Workshop

Sex Positive Professional Certification

Positive Sexuality is Humanizing Workshop

In learning what it means to be sex-positive, we must also learn what it means to “humanize” people, including those we differ with and from.

In this interactive workshop, we will engage directly with the topic; exploring our own values alongside those of others, discovering what an “intersectional identity” is, and why embracing this is important to a positive sexuality framework.  Our speakers will discuss how humanizing informs their varied works while our facilitator will guide attendees through exercises and small-group discussion designed to enhance these principles.

This 3-hour workshop fulfills one of the 3 components of the Sex Positive Professional Certification Program though is open to all interested conference members.

To enhance learning and interaction, we are capping this training at 15 participants.

More information on the Sex Positive Certified Professional program here.